After cooler For Air Compressors

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We offer a range of high quality air cooled after cooler that will effectively remove the majority of condensate (water) from compressed air to protect your system.

Air compressor after coolers offer the lowest capital and running cost in removing condensate from compressed air and may be a necessary pre-cooler if you intend to install a refrigerated dryer.


Compressed air is cooled through either an air cooled or water cooled heat exchanger forcing moisture entrapped in the air to condense. The air is then channelled through an efficient condensate separator that spins out a large portion of the condensate.

After coolers can be supplied as an aftermarket accessory for your existing compressor set and can be matched to your reciprocating or rotary screw compressor.

Many new compressors have an air after cooler internally fitted however, most reciprocating and diesel driven compressors don’t resulting in condensate contaminating the process. An after cooler is a good way to address problematic water issues in existing systems.


After coolers are the lowest cost and most effective way to remove condensate (water vapour that has condensed back to water) from compressed air. After coolers are not normally needed on many rotary screw and scroll compressors as most new machines are fitted with them as standard.

After coolers operate similar to a radiator in your car. An air (or water) cooled after cooler cools compressed air to condense most of the entrained moisture back to water. Water is then removed by using a condensate separator. Delivering dry air to your factory is fundamental to reduce potential damage to your equipment or the products you are manufacturing.


An air compressor after cooler makes the separation and removal of water easy.

After coolers typically remove about 70% of the water vapour from compressed air, if they are correctly sized to do the job.

To size an air compressor after cooler properly a number of parameters including air flow, pressure and temperatures must be taken into account.

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