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On December 2, 2019, Hangzhou Xihu district people's government held a ceremony to commend the enterprises that won the 2018 Xihu district government quality award, and awarded the MEDALS and certificates to Hangzhou RISHENG Decontamination Equipment co., LTD and other two enterprises.

In order to implement the spirit of Circular of the State Council on printing and distributing the outline of quality management (2011-2020) (National Development [2012] no.9), vigorously promote construction of the economic strong division, guide enterprises to continuously pursue excellent business performance, enhance quality innovation ability and core competitiveness, Hangzhou Xihu district people's government established the Xihu district government quality award according to the rules of Xihu district government quality award review management measures. Only 21 companies in Xihu district have won the award since it was established in 2012, and it’s the highest award for quality in Xihu district.

Mayor Miao, on behalf of the district government leaders, gave full recognition and high praise to the achievements and contributions of Hangzhou RISHENG and other award-winning enterprises in terms of quality, and put forward higher requirements for the future quality work and greater expectations. This award means a milestone of RISHENG’s 27 years’ hard work on quality management and the affirmation from the government. Hangzhou RISHENG will continue to give full play to our advantages in quality management, actively improve our deficiencies and defects, pursue excellent performance, promote efficiency and upgrade, drive the high-quality development of the enterprise, and seek a higher goal of "Hangzhou government quality award"!

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